Ask Me Anything: What are the extremely dangerous problems to rectify during building inspection?

Posted on Jun 7, 2018

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Compiled by: Tharmini

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Ask Me Anything is a platform for all readers to ask about all things property. If you have any inquiries, key in your questions .

This week, Canaan Building Inspection Sdn Bhd project director Sr Joshua Kang deals with readers’ questions regarding building inspection.


Q1: What are the problems that are extremely dangerous and cannot be taken lightly regarding building inspection?

A1: There are two problems that we should not ignore. Firstly, the safety of the building. It is best to address the cracks on columns because it reflects the safety of the building. Secondly, water leakages that can severely damage the property.

Q2: Do high-quality fittings increase the Qlassic score?

A2: There are no points for the material used. The assessor will only look at whether the fittings have been constructed according to the standard.

Q3: How often should we conduct building inspection?

A3: It is best to inspect when you are taking possession of the property. And more importantly, you must inspect after the developer rectifies the defects to ensure the highlighted defects have been fully rectified.

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