Shah Alam’s Distinctive Flavour

Posted on Aug 31, 2018

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Neighbourhood meets the tastes of older folk as well as the younger crowd

By Tharmini Kenas, Viktor Chong and Aisyah Suwardi

AS a steadily growing city with a unique culture and lifestyle, Shah Alam is endearing to the older folk who have settled there for decades. At the same time, sprouting trendy townships have endeared themselves to the younger generation who have decided to move to Shah Alam. To find out what makes Shah Alam the vibrant and well-rounded neighbourhood that it is, we walked, cycled and drove in search of its charm.

We explored the outdoors, arts and culture, urban lifestyle, sports, and food — themes that are deemed to be the city’s attractions. What we discovered was an all-encompassing Shah Alam, with its own flavour that captures the hearts and minds of dwellers as well as visitors.



The Painted Storks’ beautiful colour make them one of the favourite subjects to be captured on canvas and it is no wonder why they are named as such.With its yellow and orange long beak, the beautiful birds have white body with black streaks on the side of its wings.  *** Local Caption *** Beautiful: The Painted Storks. (Yusof) ********************************************************************************************* Shah Alam's isle of birds - Long-legged beauties: The Painted Storks. - 20090606 Star Saturday Metro North (Penang Final) Pg18 (Zalina)

Taman Botani Negara Shah Alam

With its lush greenery and carefully crafted facilities, Taman Botani Negara Shah Alam provides quality space for families and friends to spend time together and to rejuvenate amid nature. Various activities such as cycling and swimming prompt visitors to embrace an energetic lifestyle while the endless green soft grass invites happy family picnics.

There’s something for everyone visiting the 1,295 hectares of tropical rainforest and agriculture park — from clear lakes and indigenous plant life for the nature enthusiasts to Skytrek for the more adventurous.

Address: Taman Botani Negara, Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor

Contact details: 03-5510 6922/23 or 03-5510 7048, e-mail

Opening hours: 7.30am-4.30pm (Tuesday-Sunday), closed on Mondays except during public holidays and school holidays

Galleries: Tropical Fruits Garden, Sungai Baru Dam, Air Kuning Dam, Cactus Park, Kampung Idaman, Cultural Village, Spice & Drinks Garden, Herbs & Medicine Conservation Park, Animal Park, Four Seasons House, Multi-purpose Barn.

Activities: Botanical class, Skytrek, fly fishing, cycling, swimming, archery, horse riding, ATV and kayaking

Entrance fee: Adults (12-54) RM3, Kids (6-11) RM1, Senior citizens (55) RM1

Parking fee: Car/Van RM3, Motorcycle RM1, Bus/Lorry RM5


Arts & Culture


Laman Seni 7

This joint initiative by Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam (MBSA), KHZNH Studio and a group of talented local artists is a back lane that will make the hipster in you go wild. Full of colour, vibrant and highly Instagrammable, Laman Seni 7 is a continuation from Laman Seni 2 from Seksyen 2, Shah Alam. However, there is more to the art and installations lining the lane.

Besides being visually pleasing, the wall art and installations aim to draw attention to social issues such as global warming, pollution and deforestation. The visitor will exit the #lorongbelakang enlightened and more aware of happenings in Malaysia as well as critical global issues.

Address: Laman Seni 7, Shah Alam, Jalan Plumbum R7/R, Seksyen 7 Shah Alam, Selangor

Contact details: +603 5510 5133, toll-free 1800 88 4477

Opening hours: Always open

Entrance fee: No charge


Urban Lifestyle


Ardence Labs

With the tagline "Ideal Space, Urban Minds", Eco Ardence is the contemporary representation of urban spaces. The Ardence Lab is located within Eco Ardence and uses refurbished containers housing retail and F&B brands. The lab blends arts, culture and commerce, providing co-working spaces for startups to realise their blueprints and business plans. Visitors will get to experience lakefront shopping and dining while getting the perfect Instagram shot.

Address: Persiaran Setia Alam, Setia Alam, Shah Alam 40170, Selangor

Contact Details: 03-8605 3650

Opening Hours: Daily 10am -10pm

Retail brands: Jaya Grocer, U Bistro, Heritage Nyonya Cuisine, Puros Lavanderia, Healthy Lane Family Pharmacy, Tealive, Llao Llao, Master Clean, Wespo Mini Mart, Tato Tato, Piacevole, Balloon Lab, Famous Kleener, Mich’sology, i1 Fitness, Let’s Joy Cafe, Plant Cartridge, Cykel & Cyclist, Chaiwalla & Co., Bamboo Biryani, PotSpot, Popo’s House, Kebab Bowl, Laughing Monkey, AROI Mak Mak, Big Blind, Hinata Cafe, U-Mai, and Cocomomo Urban Pets Hotel.

Entrance fee: No charge

Parking: Free




Setia Alam Community Trail

Located in Setia Alam, this trail is for Shah Alam folk. With five entry points and easy terrain, the trail is perfect for beginners and children. The trail is clean, clearly marked and well-maintained for walkers to enjoy their hike. With flags and huts adorning the viewpoints, the trail offers many peaceful and windy spots for hikers to relax before continuing to the peak.

The hike usually takes 45 minutes for those with average fitness. Some parts of the trail are barren and exposed to direct sunlight. Hence, it is highly recommended to wear a hat and apply sunscreen.

Address: Setia Eco-park, 40170 Shah Alam, Selangor

Opening hours: All day

Activities: Beginner to intermediate hiking, mountain biking

Entrance fee: No charge

Parking: Free



Section 2 food scene and more

Enriched by the various races in Malaysia, the food scene in Shah Alam is vibrant and delicious. Numerous food stalls line the neighbourhood pavements early in the morning, selling no less than ten varieties of breakfast delicacies such as kuih-muih, nasi lemak and roti canai.
Lunch and dinner are usually appetising affairs at food courts scattered across Shah Alam. One of them is the Seksyen 2 Food Court, a favoured lunch spot for locals. On the menu are such favourites as nasi campur, tomyam, sup tulang, ais kacang, cendol and coconut shake.

The food court is also frequented by students from nearby universities such as UiTM and Unisel because of the cheap and tasty meals. Among the vendors is Fradoo ABC Special, a famous ais kacang stall in Shah Alam.

With fast moving hands and precise coordination, the stall operator prepares icy beverages for customers who flock to the food court during peak hours. Ranging from RM2.50 to RM4.50, the stall sells a variety of ABC, Cendol, Ais Cokelat, Ais Jagung, Laichikang, Teh Lapis and fruit drinks.

The culinary field of Shah Alam is also decorated with other exotic halal cuisines, such as Homst that offers a variety of Chinese-Muslim dishes, or Mozer’s with its assortment of Syrian delights.

Address: Medan Selera Prima 2, Jalan Bunga Melor 2/18, Seksyen 2, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor

Opening hours: 10am-10pm

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