Ask Me Anything: What if the developer goes bankrupt?

Posted on Oct 5, 2018

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Compiled by: Tharmini Kenas


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Messrs Eunice Tan & Partners founder Eunice Tan answers readers’ queries regarding issues concerning landlords and tenants.

Q: I bought an apartment 15 years ago. The developer went bankrupt and a law firm have taken over. The law firm is charging a very high fee for the strata title. Can I apply the strata title on my own from the land office?

Also, upon paying rent, the firm only issues temporary receipt. Is this a catch to ensure I go through the law firm for the strata title?

A: Once a liquidator is appointed, the liquidator has to work whatever is necessary for the company including but not limited to apply for the issuance of the strata title of the project.

Regarding the temporary receipt, usually if it is a cheque, a temporary receipt will be issued upon payment.


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