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Posted on Nov 5, 2017

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Jessie Lee

Jessie Lee


ALTHOUGH feng shui has been practised by the Chinese community since the time of the ancients, there are still misconceptions and misinterpretations to the art, says Soleil Trinity founder Jessie Lee.

While it is true that feng shui deals with the flow of energy (qi), she disagrees that it mainly pertains to how certain objects can create wealth.

Lee explains that the function of feng shui is to maximise an individual’s potential and show how living spaces can accommodate those possibilities.

“It is the most difficult adjustment to make because most people are unwilling to help themselves to become better. This is the part where are a lot of people are sadly mistaken, especially when they think that all they have to do is buy specific objects or wear certain accessories.

“We subconsciously create a space to keep us on the move and to remind us of our goal and purpose in life,” she said in an interview with

Lee explains that feng shui in Chinese metaphysics is called “everything in our destiny” – which is to maximise the potential of human beings according to their fate and circumstances.

She adds that feng shui is divided into three components, which are referred to as the cosmic trinity of heaven, earth and human.

Heaven is what has been fated for us, such as your birth circumstances, says Lee.

It is something that a person is destined for.

“When we plot our date and time of birth according to Chinese astrology, we can find out our strengths and weaknesses and how to improve our lives.”

For the second component, Lee talks about the earth – or more precisely the environment.

Different settings have different qi due to natural landforms, and feng shui looks at how they affect people.

“Our universe is held together by an energy force which we call qi. And different places will have different types of energy, according to feng shui.

“We need to know what sort of energy is present in a particular environment, so that when we buy a property it will benefit us in our life,” says Lee.

She gives an example of a businessman buying a house: he has to figure out what

sort of environment is conducive so that he can maximise his potential as an entrepreneur.

The final component of the trinity, the human aspect, is based on the human psyche which deals with a person’s state of mind and mentality, among other things.

Lee explains that understanding the self is essential in order for us to adjust to our

“Some people like a comfortable environment of dim lights and soft cushions which is very Ying because they are by nature aggressive or very Yang.

“If a person is fated to be impatient, aggressive, and gets frustrated easily and lives in an environment that is very Yang or fiery, that person can’t rest.

"The mind will constantly be on the move, always thinking, and eventually the
person's health will be affected,” Lee adds.

Jessie Lee will be one of the speakers at the fair to be held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre on Nov 11 and 12 (Saturday and Sunday) from 11am to 7pm.

She will focus on how feng shui can help buyers maximise their potential.

There will also be a Soeil Trinity consultancy corner where three consultants will be providing complimentary tarot card readings, face and palm readings, floor plan analysis and Bazi consultation.

Be sure to prepare questions about buying property and which home suits you.

For more information, visit

KLCC Fair talk schedule


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